Trek Y Five-0 Carbon Fiber  OCLV  Full Shimano XTRRock Shox SID Dual Air Fork

Trek Y Five-0 Carbon Fiber OCLV Full Shimano XTRRock Shox SID Dual Air Fork

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Trek Y Five-0 Carbon Fiber ~ OCLV~Full Shimano XTR

Rock Shox SID Dual Air Fork

Trek Y Five-0 Carbon Fiber ~ OCLV

Full Shimano XTR Drivetrain,24.75 #

Rock Shox SID Dual Air Fork

Strata Pro Air Shock W/ Remote lock out

IRC Mytho Tires on Mavic Crossmax Ceramic Wheels Carbon Fiber Handelbar & Seatpost

 “Vintage bike are similar to vintage sports cars in that they create lots of attention, while performing, or parked by the side of the road!”

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE – 14 day Money back Guarantee

“The Ultimate Trek Y series bike not only a rare beauty she was built to perform”

A Genuine High Performance Carbon Fiber, XC Racing Bike fully equipped with these Ultimate top of the line components:

Shimano XTR Shifters

Shimano XTR Crankset

Shimano XTR Brakes

Shimano XTR Brake Levers

Shimano XTR Front Detailer

Shimano XTR Rear Detailer

Rock Shox SID Dual Air Fork

Mavic Crossmax Ceramic Wheels & Crossmax Hubs

Mavic QRL axels

Carbon Fiber handlebar and seat post

IRC Mytho / Searac XC tires

1997 price was $5,890.that is over $8,537.+today!

Own a rare American made classic at a fraction of its similar replacement value”  US Retro Classic ~ Hand Made in USA

She is fast and light at only 24+ pounds

Trek had Harley Davidson Design do the artwork for the Y Five-0, The Y Five-0 was Treks top model sold in 1997 

This Y Five-0 comes to you with a Full Shimano XTR drive-train, and all of Treks best & lightest offerings went into this iconic Y Five-0  

The Y Five-0 is loaded for action you will love the way this bike rides: The IRC Mytho / Searac XC tires on the Mavic Crossmax Ceramic wheels with Mavic  hubs are fast and light, point and go. She flies over jumps with ease she tracks straight, she shifts like a fine watch, & when you hit the Remote lockout she shreds hills like a Charging Mountain Goat, the Shimano XTR brakes stops so quickly your eyeballs will pop out

This “Y Five-0 is nearly mint

Here is your chance to acquire a ultimate & rare iconic mountain bike you rarely see. Hang on your office wall or ride like the wind as you and you’re cycling friends will be pleasantly surprised when you take your first ride and you leave them eating your dust!

Riding the Y Five 0

“On my initial ride it was immediately obvious how different this bike was to anything I’d ever ridden before. The lightness really made it feel like there was nothing beneath me. And the acceleration was unlike anything else.
it was perfect. It was truly effortless pedaling up the hills coming out, and one thing becoming obvious was I was always in the higher gears.
With the hollow carbon frame, the sound it makes is amplified and would be quite unusual to anyone who’s not heard it before. The rear Strata air shock is interesting. The lockout is just magic! Not only can you lock the shock entirely, but you can vary the softness of the shock. Flying downhill is when you have the shock fully active, and for climbing it’s locked out so the bike performs like a hardtail.”

She weighs in at only 24.78 pounds!

This model of Trek Y bike was top of the range for 1997. Although the frame looks like that used on the other Y11, Y22, and Y33 of the same period, the Y Five-0 is lighter, stronger. It’s meant to be a high performance racing bike, so the lightest of components are fitted. The handlebars and seat post are of carbon fiber lite type. The fork and shock are of the air type which eliminates heavy springs. The Crossmax Ceramic Wheels-Hubs are the lite French made Mavic, even the Quick Release Levers are Mavic while individual component weights might seem insignificant, and when you add it all up it makes a huge difference.

Trek Y-series History

During 1995 Trek released a bike design that would revolutionize the design of mountain bikes for several years. It was called the Y series and was made from what Trek called OCLV, or Optimum Compaction Low Void. In plain English, that’s Carbon Fiber.  It would have been one of the most expensive top of the range mountain bikes then available. The revolutionary thing was the Y frame with a URT (Unified Rear Triangle) which was really the ultimate in simplicity for a full suspension design.
It won an industrial design award.
It wasn’t long before everyone else was copying it, though usually with only a two piece “Y” or variants thereof and differing pivot points for the URT. There was some mention of Trek attempting to seek compensation from GT for infringing their patent. But that is another story So, next time you see a Y frame bike, remember it came from Trek’s Y-11


Here are 2 questions we get often:

How can you tell if a bike has LOW Miles or use?

First look at the Crank arms, brake, shift levers, and see if the original brand  name are still there , grips ,saddle are good to check too , but the often get changed out by a owners personal preference.

When someone tell you this bike has had only 2 -3 short rides in its lifetime, it better not have any major scuffs on the crank arms and brand name should still be clearly on the shifters/brake levers.

We go out of our way to acquire mint bicycles and pay top dollar for them.


What is the green plastic film stuff on the grips, & saddle?

After new grips, saddle  are installed we wrap them in a protective stretch wrap so they don’t get dirty from road testing or while performing service, so as to make sure they arrive at your door looking new.


No dents, No cracks but she has a few scrapes scratches, from storage and while being transported. they are consistence with its age and lite use. Please see all the pictures.


Y Five-O Actual Specifications This Bike

Color: Red, White and Blue Custom Hawaiian graphics 


Frame: OCLV Carbon Fiber w/6061 T6 aluminum swingarm

Fork: Rock Shox SID Dual Air -Blue / disc mounts


Shock: Strata Shock Pro / Handlebar Remote lock out

Crankset:       Shimano XTR

Brakes Front Shimano XTR

Brakes Rear  Shimano XTR
Shifters      Shimano XTR Rapid Fire

Brake Levers:     Shimano XTR

Front Derailleur: Shimano XTR
Rear Derailleur:  Shimano XTR

Remote Shock lock out Suntour XC Expert

Headset: WTB Grease Guard

Handlebar: CTR ACT Carbon Fiber X NEW

Grips Red Oury Style NEW

Stem: Icon
Rims: Mavic Crossmax Ceramic

Hubs: Mavic Crossmax

Tires Front:IRC Mytho SXC 26 X 1.95 red wall Aramid

Tires Back: IRC Searac XC 26 X 1.95 red wall Aramid

Axels QRL Mavic

Saddle: Bontrager RL Race NEW

Seat Post: Easton EC70 Carbon Fiber

Pedals: Black label composite platform NEW

Serial Number WTU 1932553 M  TBl 1191

Measures – Large

Top Of seat tube to center bottom bracket 20 inches / 50.8CM

Center of seat tube to center of head tube 23.50 inches /59.69 CM

Stand over lowest point from floor 30.50 inches / 77.47 CM

Stand over highest point from floor 34.50 inches/ 87.63CM

Weight 24.78 Pounds/ 11.24 KG


Mountain Bike Sizing

Use the sizing chart below to find the right sized mountain bike for you. Knowing your height and inseam measurements, you should be able to determine what size frame will be most comfortable for you. Of the two measurements, height and inseam, inseam is most important.

Mountain bikes are generally measured in frame size (inches), which is the distance from the center of the crank to the top of the frame at the seat tube.

Mountain Bike Sizing Guide

Mountain Bikes – Finding the Right Size

Your Height

Your Inseam Length

Bike Frame Size


4’11″ – 5’3″

25” – 27”

13 – 15 inches


5’3″ – 5’7″

27″ – 29″

15 to 17 inches


5’7″ – 5’11″

29″ – 31″

17 to 19 inches


5’11″ – 6’2″

31″ – 33″

19 to 21 inches


6’2″ – 6’4″

33″ – 35″

21 to 23 inches


6’4″ and up

35″ and up

23 inches and up





 We offer a 14 day satisfaction money back guarantee; if for any reason you are unhappy just send it back! Please email us for return instructions its simple and hassle free.

 BUY WITH CONFIDENCE from a top rated eBay seller.   Smoke Free Environment.  99% of all orders are shipped out within 24 hours. We ship out every day so your item will arrive quickly.  I pack as I would like to receive, Safe, Strong & Sturdy.

Your Bike will be professionally packaged and boxed ($100 value ) & ready to ship in 1 business day after sale ends and your funds clear, NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR THIS SERVICE

Email or call us to arrange local pick up approval.

International Buyers

We have shipped 100’s of American vintage bikes to Europe/Asia / Australia with much success If you do not see your country, send me a email with your postal code for your shipping fee

The following FAST shipping prices are via DHL Express

Argentina $ 754.00

Australia $358.00

Austria $329.00

Brazil $754.00

Bahrain $647.95

Canada $125.00

Canary Island $396.95

Cambodia $848.48

Chile $754.00

China $459.00

Costa Rica $754.00

Colombia $654.00

Denmark $329.00

Finland $349.00

France $329.00

Germany $329.00

Greece $453.54

Guernsey $389.00

Guam $457.12

Hong Kong $359.00

Iceland $393.54


Ireland $379.00

Israel $690.95

Iraq $693.88

India $484.75

Italy  $329.00

Japan  $358.00

Korea $489.00

Kuwait $687.95

Luxembourg  $329.00

Malaysia $486.58

Mexico $358.98

Macau $489.00

Monaco $345.89

Netherlands $369.00

New Zealand $358.00

Norway $358.00

Peru $743.85

Philippines $346.58

Poland $453.00

Puerto Rico $197.85

Portugal $359.00

Romania $453.00

Russian Federation $853.00

Saint Kitts/ Nevis $485.70

Singapore $379.00

Saudi Arabia $747.95

South Africa $937.98

Spain $359.00

Sweden $383.00

Switzerland $383.00

Taiwan $358.58

Thailand $358.48

United Kingdom $329.00

Ukraine $493.00

United Arab Emirates $697.95

Vietnam $488.93

Virgin Islands $739.00

If you do not see your country, send me a email with your postal code for your shipping fee


PLEASE SEND OVER YOUR PHONE NUMBER WITH YOUR PayPal PAYMENT AS IT IS NEEDED SHIPPING. And please state if your address is residential or a business.


USA,Canada we use FedEx Ground  .

International DHL Express, FedEx

You will receive an email with confirmation and tracking number upon shipping

Customs, local taxes and import duties are buyers’ responsibility. Please check your local import restrictions before bidding.

These charges are normally collected by the delivering (shipping) company or when you pick up your package – Please do not confuse them for additional shipping charges I do not add extra shipping charges.

You are buying the actual Bike in these photos and will receive it partially disassembled PLEASE READ BELOW

All of our vintage bicycles are professionally cleaned, Tuned, & tested before getting professionally packed.  We inspect each bike before listing for any defects. 

All bicycles will require some degree of reassembly and tuning when they arrive.  Most bicycle shops charge $25 to $75 for this type of service.  If you are not experienced with bicycle repair and maintenance we strongly suggest taking your bike to a professional for reassembly and fitting.  We cannot take responsibility for any damage or problems with the bike that come up as a result of improper reassembly.

You are most welcome to ask questions. Please email me Text or call if you have any questions or require more pictures.

Thanks You “I appreciate your business”

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